Until now most of our legacy, whether from family, community & professionally, has been two dimensional: archives, pictures, books, films, paintings, letters, instruction manuals and so forth. It has also been one-directional (from the past to us) and mostly non-specifically us, at that.

All of this is about to change – forever!

New technology is driving extraordinary possibilities. Imagine we could capture a detailed 360° baseline digital profile of you, your life, psychology, philosophy, personality, values, wisdom, loving memories, what’s important to you, the major events that formed who you are, your voice and your emotional profile.

Imagine a perfect facial digital avatar of you that speaks with your voice, words, mannerisms and emotions. Each year additional materials and updates are added and all your content will be future proofed against changing digital standards and held in a super secure cloud environment.

Imagine future generations of your family – and whomever you wish – could interact personally with you forever on all their communication devices.

Imagine a visceral and emotionally connecting personal legacy for you and successive generations of your family.
When I think about these possibilities, I think about the massive benefits to me:

  1. Capturing digitally the data that is integral to my story and creating a platform that means so much will be possible to achieve with emergent tech in the future. An archiving vault that’s tech enabled.
  2. A cathartic way for me to articulate and capture my vision, values, goals, memories, life story and journey and have this available to me over the rest of my lifetime. As a wellness tool and memory aid.
  3. As an extraordinary way to capture and document history and shared human experiences that will add enormously to the benefit of generations to come. So much could be possible from such a platform.
  4. As a way to connect and powerfully share love, messages, advice, knowledge, experience, insight and directions for the benefit of those that come after me.
  5. As an insurance policy if I suddenly fall ill or die.

Well, we no longer need just imagine – because we at A Singular Life have developed an extraordinary new product, AI-On, that delivers all of the above.

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