Avatars and the virtual afterlife

The word AVATAR has a variety of meanings related to a virtual presence.  Firstly, In Hinduism it is a concept that means “descent” and refers to the material appearance of a god on earth. In contrast, in more modern terms, an Avatar usually relates to an online version of oneself.   For example, in computer games it is an on-line representation of the person or their gaming persona.

A Singular life and your digital Avatar

A Singular Life gives you the opportunity to create your own perfect digital avatar.

Why AI-On?

A Singular Life is now providing one product called AI-On.  AI-On isfrom the Greek word Aion which is the root of the word aeons which typically means lifetime or forever.  The AI-On programme creates a detailed 360° profile of you.  This profile covers your life, experiences, thoughts, opinions, personality, values, wisdom & loving memories.  Even more, what’s important to you and the major events that have formed who you are will be captured forever.

Clients are led through a journey to capture their spirit.  This is done through the use of information gathering and technology.  Consequently, a clear representation of the them is documented. Furthermore, as new options in Artificial Intelligence and other technologies become available A Singular Life will develop new ways with which your AI-On can be engaged.

What exactly is it?

The first output of AI-On will be a perfect digital avatar of you which speaks with your voice, words, mannerisms and emotions. Additionally, each year new materials and updates are added.   Furthermore, all your content will be protected against changing digital standards. Finally, a highly secure Cloud environment stores all information privately.

AI-On will enable you to create an emotionally connecting personal legacy for yourself and future generations of your family.  As a result, AI-On will allow your family, and whomever you wish, to interact personally with you forever.    Finally, by creating this digital Avatar, you will be able to continue to contribute long after your physical presence has passed.

What motivates people to create a digital version of themselves?

A Singular Life has spent quite some time considering the needs case for the product and we have come up with three main reasons for creating an avatar:

  • A way to articulate and capture your vision, values, goals, memories, life story and journey and have this available to you over the rest of your lifetime. Therefore, as a wellness tool and memory aid.
  • As an extraordinary way to capture and document history and shared human experiences.  Most importantly, in a way that will enormously benefit the generations to come. So much could be possible from such a platform.
  • As a way to connect and powerfully share love, messages, advice, knowledge, experience, insight and directions for the benefit of those that come after you.

We would be very interested to hear your thoughts on these motivators. Please get in touch with your feedback.

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