How to live forever...

How to live forever...

Changing the way we share stories, knowledge and experience with future generations.
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We want the world to talk to you…

Our objective is to change the way we share stories, knowledge and experience with future generations. We have developed a platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence, called AI-On (pronounced ‘eye on’) that enables individuals to create a digital avatar, a digital twin of themselves, that the world can have a two-way conversation with.

Introducing AI-On

Imagine engaging in a conversation with Sir Winston Churchill, seeking advice on strategy, tactics or how to win your personal battles? AI-On opens up the possibilities to converse with the worlds finest minds.

A social conscience

Humanity loses so much by not passing on our personal experiences and wisdom. But the AI-On platform now enables us a truly social conscience for the ages.

AI-On is a digital consciousness

AI-On is a platform that enables universal interaction with you. We are creating this platform with two major historical figures and five contemporary influencers. Then, we will be opening up our platform to you. Our goal is to enable individuals to make sure their message gets across and to detail how they are remembered through the ages.

How to live forever

Collectively conscious

We believe that everybody has a story to tell. But not everybody has somebody to listen. AI-On is your digital twin, and provides the opportunity for everybody to be heard, to grow, to discover and to learn.

AI-On, the social consciousness network

A wise man once said that most people aren’t really listening, they’re just waiting for their turn to talk. We all have a unique and incredible story to tell and a responsibility to help inspire curious minds. We’re building a platform that enables human society to share our struggles and challenges, how we have prevailed and prospered throughout our lives and careers. One where we can all be heard, one where we are compelled to listen.

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The evolution of consciousness

ASL is a fascinating group of individuals who have created a business called A Singular Life. Essentially, the objective of ASL is to change the way we share stories, knowledge and experience with future generations…

Instinct is to push the boundaries of our existence

Artificial Intelligence allows us to do this in an extraordinary new way

Our aim is no less than living forever. We’ve spent three years researching this and know that it isn’t possible to biologically live forever with our current technology. However the tools are now available that let us digitally recreate our consciousness with Artificial Intelligence. We’re looking for individuals to join us in evolving human consciousness.

TIM LEVY CEO A Singular Life Limited

Join AI-On, the social consciousness network

If you are intrigued about creating your own AI-On with A Singular Life, then let’s start a conversation that will last forever. Limited spaces will shortly be available for the first one hundred individuals.

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