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Netflix for Extraordinary Characters and Amazing Lives

In our always on, information over-loaded, fake news world, how can you cut through the noise to create engagement and experiences that are deeply personal, with real intimacy, authenticity and relevance?

Furthermore, how do you reach around the physical limitations each of us face – that there is only one of us and we are here for a finite period?

Who we are

A Singular Life is a newly established media company that is going to create and deliver content in an entirely new format, providing solutions to both of these problems.

A Singular Life is in the process of creating a proprietary new product, Twyn, as a means to allow content to be delivered to consumers by digital personas interactively, one on one. Twyn uses immersive technology to make the user feel they are really there, engaged in a real-time two-way conversation or experience, with the subject – who will be perfectly digitally captured and reproduced.

Digital personas are primarily based on living people with particularly celebrity, skills, knowledge, experiences or achievements that are in wide demand (but those deceased, as well as fictional characters, are also possible).

A Singular Life will create curated experiences for subjects where they meet certain commercial criteria. Twyn will then be the delivery mechanism by which content will be delivered.


Crucially Twyn uses only proven, existing technology. Further it does not seek to create or replicate the thought processes of subjects. This curated content approach gets away from a lot of the ethical, regulatory and legislative concerns associated with the (mis)use of Artificial Intelligence – together with very legitimate concerns about the fidelity of the experience. AI is only used as a tool to sort and categorise captured information from subjects, enabling conversational engagement as an immersive visual or audio experience.

Delivery of Twyn will be available, dependent on the user and location, in 2D, 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality and holographically.

Our vision is a company that owns, licences, creates and exploits digital IP and materials.

This IP will come from established and proven talent with a clear market application and demand. We will own exclusive and unlimited exploitation rights wherever we can.

Our approach to technology is to use “best in class” partners, where technology is proven and reliable.

We are Imagineers shaping the future of a new format - scaled deeply personalised engagement.


These are some of the experiences that we will be able to create. Consumers of this content will feel they are having an intimate, one on one, real time conversation where the person with whom they are talking has real presence:

  • Conversations with Roger Federer, where you feel you are really there talking with Roger, at tennis tournaments, museums, Madame Tussauds, in shops as a brand ambassador or in your living room at home!
  • Learning about Elton John’s life story – in his own words, based on questions you ask him.
  • Having a chat with Ed Sheeran, Adele or Robbie Williams and then having them sing to you personally.
  • Talking with Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg about their adventures in business.
  • Julia Robert, George Clooney and Tom Cruise able to talk to you personally about each of their movies – especially new releases.
  • David Attenborough sharing his knowledge, experiences and concerns personally with you.
  • Great scientists, doctors, philosopher, teachers and leaders available as a compendium of extraordinary minds – all available for deeply personal conversations as if you were really there for them.
  • CEOs of multinational corporations enabled to engage, daily, with their team, customers, suppliers, investors – on a one to one basis.


A Singular Life plans to commercially launch in Q1 2020. If you would like to find out more please contact [email protected]